Cake Pops

 Cake Pops always look so pretty when displayed at a bridal or baby shower. They taste pretty good too! We made them for my cute Nephews fiancées bridal shower. We wanted them to be the color of the bridal shower which was pale pink but we also wanted to decorate them with something as well and decided to go with sugar crystals to keep the look simple but pretty. 

We have found these steps work best when making them:

First, bake a 9×13 cake as directed, any flavor. Let it cool completely.

Cut cake into pieces and add to a gallon sized bag, crumble to fine pieces. I’m a little weird about using my bare hands, so we found it is best to use a bag and gloves for the mixing part. 

Transfer crumbs to a large bowl and add a spoonful of frosting. 

Mix the frosting into the dough until it’s very smooth. You don’t want the dough to crack when squished, like this.

If it is still cracking, add more frosting little by little until it’s smooth when you squish it. We used a little less than 8oz or 1/2 a tub of frosting. It will be elastic and smooth when it’s ready. If you put too much frosting in it, the cake balls will slide off of the sticks when you dip them in the chocolate. 

Form into even sized balls. This recipe made 53 small balls. 

Refrigerate them for about 2 hours or until cold. When we made these we put them in the freezer for about two nights covered. Then we took them out for about an hour and then put them in the refrigerator. You want them cold when you dip them but not freezing. Only take two or three out at a time when you’re dipping them. If they are too warm they will slide off. If you dip them when they are too cold, the chocolate will crack. When you’re ready, dip just the tips of the sticks into the melted chocolate and let them dry. 

After they are dry, dip the stick into the melted chocolate again and stick it in the cake ball. Dip the cake ball into the melted chocolate and swirl to coat. If the chocolate cools too much it will become heavy and may pull the cake pops off the sticks when you dip them. 

Decorate them at this point before the chocolate dries. Let them dry upside down in a cake pop stand or styrofoam. When they are dry put them into paper cups for display. 

So pretty! 

Cake Pops

  • 1 box cake mix, bake as directed 
  • 1/2 of a 16oz tub of frosting, we used a cream cheese frosting
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Cake pop sticks holder, or styrofoam board to hold the cake pops upright until they dry
  • White chocolate melting wafers
  • Sugar crystals or sprinkles for decorations 
  1. Bake a 9×13 cake as directed, cool completely 
  2. Cut up cake and put into a gallon sized bag and crumble into fine pieces 
  3. Put the cake in a large bowl and add a scoop of frosting and start mixing
  4. Add enough frosting that when rolled into a ball it will not crack when squished, about a 1/2 tub of frosting 
  5. Put in the refrigerator for about 2 hours
  6. Dip the sticks in melted chocolate wafers and let dry
  7. Take 2-4 cake balls out of the fridge at a time, dip sticks in chocolate again, and stick into the cake ball
  8. Dip the cake ball into the chocolate and swirl to coat
  9. Decorate with sprinkles
  10. Let them dry upside down in styrofoam or a cake pop stand